Athens - Greece a reviewby Samantha Ellis 01/01/2017
Athens - Greece a review - A Review
Why You Should Visit Athens, Greece

Athens is the capital of Greece and home to over 3 million residents. Athens is said to be the birthplace of classical Greece and tourists flock here to see the remnants of that past. Ancient ruins, museums filled with artifacts and natural sights of folklore make up this sprawling city and are what makes it so popular with visitors. Despite its prominent ancient past, Athens also has a significant modern feel as guests will notice ample cafes, fine restaurants, and artistic boutiques. Here are just a few reasons why Athens should be your next holiday destination.

To Visit The Ancient Landmarks

The highlight of a visit to Athens is to see the abundance of ancient landmarks. Probably the most famous of them all, The Acropolis, is a World UNESCO Heritage Site dating back to the Bronze Age. Within The Acropolis you can see the Erectheion, Temple of Athena Nike and Parthenon. Other noteworthy sites to visit are the Ancient Agora, a green space with well preserved temples, the Kerameikos, an ancient Athens cemetery and The Temple of Olympian Zeus. Another popular place to visit is the Panathinaiko Stadium, the site of the first modern Olympic games in 1896. Head up to Lycabettus Hill for beautiful views of the Parthenon against the sea and to the Syntagma Square to see the parliament and the changing of the guards.

To Wander Through The Museums

History and art lovers will have their hands full with the offering of museums in Athens. Visit The National Art Gallery for 19th and 20th century Greek and European art as well as works done by popular contemporary artists. The City of Athens Technopolis makes for an interesting afternoon as it is a cultural center and industrial museum of architecture. Athens is crawling with small art museums and galleries so visitors can pick and choose which one best suits their tastes.

To See The Natural Beauty

Taking a break from the city is usually welcomed when there is beautiful scenery nearby. Visit the Parnitha National Park for a day of hiking or bicycling along well-marked trails, springs, gorges and caves. The National Garden of Athens is a popular option for natural scenery without actually leaving the city. With flowers, ancient ruins and ponds, it makes for a nice stroll between sightseeing.

To Take Part in The Nightlife

Athens has one of the wildest nightlife scene in all of Greece. There are multiple neighborhoods such as Psirri and Gazi where visitors can party until the sun comes up. In fact, most places don’t really get started until after midnight. There are bar crawls, drinking infused ghost tours and live music and DJs almost every night of the week. Check out Gazi, Athens most popular nightlife area, for rowdy parties and laid back drinks in old renovated factories. In the neighborhood of Plaka, travelers can also experience an authentic Greek night out without the flashy club scene.
Athens is one of Europe’s most historically significant cities and to visit there yourself will bring you back in time. Write it on the top of your “must see” travel list and start your planning for what will be your most educational and beautiful holiday yet.
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