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Ceuta-The European Africa - A Review
Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands are the three small pieces of European land you can find in Africa. They all belong to Spain. Spaniards were famous colonizers and explorers. They have settled in these areas in the middle ages and fought for power with locals or other nearby countries such as Portugal and France.

Ceuta, an autonomous city of approx. 7 sq miles, is an important seaport on the shore of Gibraltar Strait. Located only around 20 kilometers from mainland Europe, it is easily accessible by ferry from the closest Spanish continental city of Algeciras. The ferry trip takes about two and a half hours. If you want to fly, you can take a helicopter from Malaga and in 30 minutes you land on one of the three helipads in the port. The closest “regular” airport is in Tetouan, Morocco (Sania Ramel Airport).

The EU inhabitants don’t need entry visa, can pay with Euro and speak Spanish. Due to centuries of Christian rule and history the city is home to several beautiful Baroque churches worth visiting (Parroquia de Santa Maria de Africa, Basilica Tardorromana and Catedral de Santa Maria de la Asuncion). Before sunset aim to the Fortress to see the impressive lighting and size of this well preserved, amazing medieval fort with navigable moats. As a bonus - you can walk around it for free. For the panoramic view of the whole Ceutan bay climb to the Monte Hacho which is the highest point with a military castle occupied by the Spanish army.

While in downtown Ceuta, there are several lovely squares that will offer you great restaurants, coffee shops, excellent little sandwich places, photo opportunities and shops and boutiques. You cannot miss the House of Dragons at the corner of Calle Camoens and Calle Millan Astray. This eclectic architectural masterpiece will wow you with four huge flying dragons installed on the roof. Return here in the evening to enjoy a nice walk in the historical center and see the perfectly illuminated Casa de los Dragones.

You can relax and have some water fun at the Parque Maritimo del Mediterraneo which also have great food and beverage on site. Playa Ribera is another pleasant spot to spend time sunbathing.

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Ceuta-The European Africa - User ContributionContributed by: Ian Robertson
These pictures were taken in Ceuta on 15th October 2016. Ceuta was a port of call on a cruise with Thomson Cruises aboard the superb Thomson Spirit ship.

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Ref: Thomson Spirit 03/2015 Ceuta
Photos contributed Ceuta-The European AfricaContributed by: Ian Robertson