Venice a reviewby Samantha Ellis 01/01/2017
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A Trip To Venice, Italy

A last minute decision led me to Venice while touring through Europe. I don't know what changed my mind but instead of traveling to Naples, I rerouted to a city I didn't really know too much about. Luckily for me, Venice turned out to be one of the most gorgeous and uniquely interesting places that I ended up in over my entire two months of European travel. From its watery views to maze-like alleyways, Venice was a true discovery that I encourage everyone to make!

San Marco Square
I made sure to visit this famous Venice sight and catch a glimpse of the palace. The square itself was a great place to people watch and sip a cappuccino. I joined the Secret Itinerary tour and went on a guided exploration of the palace itself.

Rialto Market and Bridge

During one of my walking adventures I stumbled upon this 800 year old bridge and took in the views of one of the grand canals. It was a fantastic place for getting my head out of the alleyways and seeing the broader spectrum of what was around me. I then made my way to the popular nearby market to shop for souvenirs and snacks.

Eating Gelato

I knew Italian food was delicious and I knew I liked gelato, however, I was not prepared for how absolutely incredible the gelato in Venice would be. These ice cream stands dotted the city and their alluring heaps of colourful swirls never failed to catch my eye and my taste buds.
Wandering The Streets

I spent an entire afternoon just wandering the labyrinth that is Venice. Each turn was a thrill as I wasn't sure what I would embark on next. Outwardly unimpressive alleyways would lead to areas filled with boutique shops, cafes and interesting markets while others were home to mossy brick houses and tiny canals. During my visit, the city was holding an art exhibition which included the scattering of installations all throughout the city. Unusual at first, it became normal to find sculptures of giant rats and alien spaceships hidden amongst the streets.

Gondola Ride

Despite the steep price, there was no way that I could miss the opportunity to take this traditional ride through the canals. I couldn't imagine a better way to see this city. I was taken through seemingly secret narrow canals , and watched the locals hanging laundry out of their windows. We went under bridges and past waterfront cafes where couples were drinking wine and eating pasta. The entire trip was like a scene out of a movie that I will never forget.

This city is very safe and just like anywhere else, tourists should take care of their belongings as sometimes pickpockets will roam around the crowded areas. Venice is not like all of the other tourist destinations on the European travel trail. Visiting this city was one of the highlights of my trip and a place I would love to explore again!
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