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Visiting Turkish Alanya - A Review
You can find Alanya on the southern coast of Turkey, in the centre of the Turkish Riviera. Holiday-makers from colder parts of Europe come here to soak in the sun, dip in the warm Mediterranean Sea and party hard at night. But this charming resort city has a lot more to offer.

Look beyond the wide sandy beaches and seaside promenades and youíll discover a city of rich ancient history, unique architecture, traditional bazaar markets, natural attractions, and cultural festivals, all on a backdrop of majestic Taurus Mountains.

Your first stop could be the Alanya Castle up on the peninsula. Within the medieval defence walls of this 13th-century fortress youíll find the Saint George Church, a fine example of Byzantine architecture and the octagonal Red Tower, the symbol of the city and home to the Ethnographic Museum. Worth seeing is the Tersane, the shipdock, used to protect the city and build ships in the medieval times. Its military building will offer some needed shade and cold breeze if you visit during hot summer weeks.

After sightseeing, you might like to visit the local markets. Every Friday in the city centre youíll have a chance to shop at one of the largest fruit and veggie markets that you ever see. The vendors will juice the delicious pomegranates and citrus fruits; cook your lunch right there on the spot. Donít forget to haggle for prices as there are no price tags and the tourist pay double if they donít bargain.

For some water fun head to the Alanya waterpark or participate in a scuba-diving boat tour or raise your adrenaline with parasailing, banana-boating and jet-skiing. To wind down, some relaxation at a Turkish bath spa, called hamam, is highly recommended. If you want to take home something Turkish, go for leather goods, jewellery, boxes of baklava sweets and genuine rose essential oil.
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Visiting Turkish Alanya - User ContributionContributed by: Ian Robertson
These pictures were taken in Alanya on 3rd October 2015. Alanya was a port of call on a cruise with Thomson Cruises aboard the superb Thomson Spirit ship.

These pictures were all taken around the port area. There are some photos of the Thomson Spirit cruise ship berted in the port of Alanaya.

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Photos contributed Visiting Turkish AlanyaContributed by: Ian Robertson