Visiting and Exploring Marsaxlokk in Maltaby Samantha Ellis 01/01/2017
Visiting and Exploring Marsaxlokk in Malta - A Review
Marsaxlokk, the important ancient fishing village of the south-eastern corner of Malta, is home to around 3,5 thousand inhabitants. The fishermen from this small town supply the whole island with their daily catch of fresh fish. Their typical catch is tuna, swordfish and “lampuki” (mahi-mahi). Each day they bring the fish to Valetta markets, but Sundays they sell it directly from the port of Masaxlokk to locals and visitors who come early in the morning to choose from the freshest fish and produce.

Marsaxlokk has been a trading post since the medieval times and the local Sunday market is well-known and popular as it takes place across the whole town. One can buy anything from fish, fresh fruit and vegetable to clothes, handicrafts, food delicacies, shoes and souvenirs.

Besides fishing and tourism, petroleum discharge and loading is the main local industry in the nearby Malta Freeport. To the north, a new power station has been built. It supplies the whole island with electricity. Just behind it, the St. Peter’s Pool offers a nice natural pool great for cliff jumping and diving and the flat rocks are an excellent sunbathing and barbequing area. Just make sure you don’t leave any litter behind you (to cause injuries to the barefoot bathers and spoil the impression of the next visitors). The water is very clear, deep and not suitable for children.

For the best pictures of the village you will have to take a boat ride to the open sea and take photographs from there. You will capture the village skyline and the harbour with colourfully painted traditional “luzzus” (fishing boats) floating in the bay.

Besides Baroque architecture, Malta is a place with several ancient megalithic monuments dating back to 3150 BC. Tarxiem temple is one of them and can be found halfway between Marsaxlokk and the capital.
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Visiting and Exploring Marsaxlokk in Malta - User ContributionContributed by: Ian Robertson
These pictures were take on 9th October 2014 whilst on the Thomson Spirit Cruise ship.

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Photos contributed Visiting and Exploring Marsaxlokk in MaltaContributed by: Ian Robertson