Why you should visit Gibraltarby Samantha Ellis 01/01/2017
Why you should visit Gibraltar - A Review
There are three main reasons why one should add Gibraltar to their bucket list.

One – the fantastic view from the top of the Rock of Gibraltar. From there you can see Africa and the Spanish city of Algeciras across the bay as well as meet some cheeky macaque monkeys that are the only freely living monkeys in Europe.

Two – an exciting experience of landing at the extraordinary airport that is on the list of top 10 most extreme airports in the world. The airport is not dangerous but unique for its setting (steep rock and high-rise buildings close to the airport) and the fact that a four lane highway runs through the runway. When an airplane approaches, they stop the traffic (around 10 min prior to landing), quickly sweep the part of the road that crosses the runway and wait until the plane lands. As soon as the aircraft is on the ground they lift the barriers and the traffic resumes. Due to the three-centuries-long dispute over the control of Gibraltar between Spain and Britain, until recently the aircrafts landing at GIB were not allowed to enter the Spanish air territory and the planes had to turn sharply during approach. The only real problem can be the strong crosswinds. If the conditions are not favourable the flight will be diverted to nearby Malaga and the passengers bused back to Gibraltar.

Three – you can walk across the runway. This is the only place on Earth where regular pedestrians and vehicles are allowed to do that. The airport sits in the centre of the city due to the lack of land, high density of population and unique location. The views you get from land or from the inside of an airplane are certainly interesting.

This strategic tip of land - a source of enormous irritation to the Spaniards who claim it and Britain who won’t give it up – has more interesting places of interest. You can visit the extensive network of tunnels in the base of the Rock which was built during WWII. Don’t forget to take pictures of the lighthouse from Europa Point, the southernmost point of Gibraltar. You can spend quality time at the Moorish Castle, the Botanical gardens, Saint Michael’s Cave or the Dolphin Safari.
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Why you should visit Gibraltar - User ContributionContributed by: Ian Robertson
These pictures were taken whilst on a cruise with Thomson Cruises. The ship in the pictures is the Thomson Spirit.

Other pictures include the monkeys on the rock, St Michael's cave and the lighthouse and mosque at Europa Point.

If you would like any of these images please contact ian@ellisrobertsonmedia.com.

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Photos contributed Why you should visit GibraltarContributed by: Ian Robertson